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He is mentioned by Aristotle over two millennials ago and is said to have been alive as the Holy Bible was being written. The Greeks built tombs for this honorable dog and in Egypt, there are artifacts that closely resemble the breed. Even with all the historical remnants of his past, the exact origin of the Maltese is not fully certain.

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It descends from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area. The breed name and origins are generally understood to derive from the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. This breed has been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries.

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Maltese puppy development, as it happens in several other toy breeds, follows a developmental pattern that is different compared to the development of several other large dog breeds. There are therefore important things to keep into consideration before adopting a Maltese puppy. Although small breed dogs are known for developing faster than larger breeds, and therefore, are expected to typically finish growing before their larger cousins, things may start a bit at a slow pace initially before they catch up.

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Many people look at how small their little Maltese puppy is at three months and wonder just how big it might grow. They wonder what size their Maltese might be? There are a few factors which can affect the growth rate of a Maltese puppy and affect Maltese size. Generally though they will fit within a fairly standard growth range as they age.

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The Maltese was developed in Italy. It is said to have miniature spaniel and poodle blood. The Maltese was first recognised as a breed in Malta, where they received their name.

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Information and photos of how. We are often asked "how much do the puppies weigh, and how big do you think they will be when grown? Some will be a little smaller, and some a little bigger.

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The AKC has grouped all of the breeds that it registers into seven categories, or groups, roughly based on function and heritage. Breeds are grouped together because they share traits of form and function or a common heritage. The Maltese is a toy dog covered from head to foot with a mantle of long, silky, white hair.

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Does size really matter? It definitely does if you are a Great Dane that is the size of a Chihuahua, or worse yet a Chihuahua the size of a Great Dane! It is important to remember that each breed has certain characteristics, traits, and size which make a dog a good representative of whatever breed it is supposed to be. So does the size of your Maltese really matter?

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His glamorous white coat gives him a look of haughty nobility, but looks can be deceiving. This is a sprightly, vigorous dog who excels not only as a companion but also as a therapy dog and competitor in such dog sports as agilityobedience, rally, and tracking. But most of all, he loves to be with his people.

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A small breed of toy dog, the Maltese have originated from the central Mediterranean region taking its name after Malta, the European island nation. Their gentle disposition and cute appearance make them excel as great family dogs. These toy dogs with a white, silky, coat are characterized by the following distinctive features:. In the Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures these small dogs had been immortalized by several great men through their poems and paintings.


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