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One of the perks of recording at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta is the cookies. The recording space famously offers up plates stacked high with homemade doughy delights, and the Memphis rapper Key Glock has been thinking about them all day. After smelling and surveying their purchases, everyone, including Glock, begins rolling up Backwoods.

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But I form like Voltron and blast you with my shoulder missiles Slim Shady; Eminem was the old initials bye bye! Extortion, snortin', supportin' abortion Pathological liar, blowin' shit out of proportion The looniest, zaniest, spontaneous, sporadic Impulsive thinker, compulsive drinker, addict Half animal, half man Dumpin' yo' dead body inside of a fuckin' trash can With more holes than an afghan So when you see me on yo' block with two Glocks Screamin', " Fuck the world! I'm a caged demon On stage screamin' like Rage Against the Machine I'm convinced I'm a fiend Shootin' up while this record is spinnin' Clinically brain-dead, I don't need a second opinion Fuck droppin' a jewel, I'm flippin' a sacred treasure I'll bite yo' motherfuckin' style, just to make it fresher I can't take the pressure, I'm sick of bitches Sick of naggin' bosses bitchin' while I'm washin' dishes In school I never said much, too busy havin' a headrush Doin' too much rush had my face flushed like red blush Then I went to Jim Beam, that's when my face grayed Went to gym in 8th grade, raped the women's swim team Don't take me for a joke, I'm no comedian Too many mental problems got me snortin' coke and smokin' weed again I'm goin' up over the curb, drivin' on the median Finally made it home, but I don't got the key to get in So when you see me on yo' block with two Glocks Screamin', " Fuck the world!

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Bring It On he? The glock cock er ho hopper show stopper Watch you 2 5. Places to Go t drastic glock made out of plastic cock -it and get blasted run nigga and s 3 5.

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You about the dollar No, no, nothin' bout it Yo poor life been without My life in the spotlight Oh no no no, I ain't even got to talk about it, talk about it Hol' up if you really bout it Tell these motherfuckers we don't even wanna talk about it, what. Dre:] I just bought California Them other states ain't far behind it either I remember selling instrumentals off a beeper Nigga never afford headphones or the speakers I was getting money 'fore the internet Still got Eminem checks I ain't opened yet MVP shit, this is where the trophies at D-R-E, this is where the dope is at The world ain't enough, I want it all God dammit, I'm too old, I forgot I got it all But Andre young enough to still get involved And Andre still young enough to say fuck y'all Fuck you, fuck you, and you on the corner too If you wanna beef, make sure that's somethin' you wanna do With some people that must have felt that way too. You let the wrong young nigga lean with a legend 'Lotta new niggas talking crazy on the records I'm the only king here, you can tell 'em that I said it I'm the black Eminem, I'm the humbler 50 I'm D. Nobody fuckin' with me I murder rappers everyday, til' police come and get me And Dre just come and bail me out and then we hit the studio Ain't no new rap in my ear, too many depressed niggas Emotional every song, deserve to have fresh niggas Cry about my old girl, but ain't how I left niggas Try and get my Xbox, Red Ring of Death niggas I'm Kanye raising the diamond every day in the chain If this was you, your diamond wouldn't be worth the appraisal I'm just talking reckless, I'm just off the record But I mean it, kept my blessings We was dreaming, now we close enough to see it.

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Or browse results titled :. Skribbal Los Angeles, California. Contact Skribbal.

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Top definition. Glock unknown. An Austrian company that manufactures handguns and other combat equipment, and their products, especially the handguns.

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T, uh, yeah You know me Smoking on the Russian Creams There go Glock, she's like man of my dreams, yeah No I'm not, bitch, you ain't my cup of tea No, I can't fuck with thot hoes I cannot go Bitches jaw drop, hoe I got them knots, hoe Riding Forgiatos, and dodging pot holes Smoking on gelato, I hit the lotto Cuban links white gold, I-I'm a light show Tennis chain on froze, y-yellow and rose Choppers like the gun show, they legal and stole Hotter than the damn stove, who left the eye on? Diamonds dancing, pop rocks, playing hop-scotch Jumping out my wrist watch, guess how much this cost Could've bought a big house, but iced my wrist out Never been a sit down, you're just a sit down. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Today the Glock pistol has become the gun of choice for both criminals and law enforcement in the United States. In his book Glock: The Rise of America's GunPaul Barrett traces how the sleek, high-capacity Austrian weapon found its way into Hollywood films and rap lyrics, not to mention two-thirds of all U.

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LilDurk posted this list! The Unsettled Tom meme format originated back in on deviant art but has been taking off these past few weeks. Here are a bunch of examp

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