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In the Aug. In a large study of more thanmen and women in the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden, researchers discovered four genetic variants that occur more often in people who indicated on questionnaires that they had had same-sex sexual partners. The other two influence sex partner choice for both men and women.

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Twenty years ago, Ray Blanchard and Anthony Bogaert demonstrated that the probability of a boy growing up to be gay increases for each older brother born to the same mother, the so-called fraternal birth order FBO effect. Despite this compelling evidence, a mechanism to account for the effect remained elusive. This study provides the first data-based explanation for the FBO effect and adds a significant chapter to growing evidence indicating that sexual orientation is heavily influenced by prenatal biological mechanisms rather than by unidentified factors in socialization.

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Being born is the ultimate surrender since nobody was ever asked to be born. And while we are at it, did you choose to be left-handed, right-handed, long-legged, round-faced, with glorious wavy hair? Many think that there are only two directions to sexuality so any deviation must be an abomination or at least, a temporary crisis.

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That amounts to an evolutionary paradox: gay men have fewer children, so one would expect that the trait would disappear over time. Now a team of researchers has carried out the largest-ever genetic study of sexual orientation and found evidence consistent with one possible explanation. Details of the unpublished study have been described in a public research plan, in two scientific abstracts, and by researchers at a scientific meeting held in June at the Broad Institute, a genome research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The hunt for sexual orientation genes—which wades into the polarizing question of whether people are born gay or become so—is part of a boom in genomics research that aims to unveil how genes shape behavior, not just diseases.

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The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research. While scientists do not know what determines an individual's sexual orientationthey theorize that it is caused by a complex interplay of genetichormonaland environmental influences. Biological theories for explaining the causes of sexual orientation are favored by scientists.

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Two gene variants have been found to be more common in gay men, adding to mounting evidence that sexual orientation is at least partly biologically determined. How does this change what we already knew? We have known for decades that sexual orientation is partly heritable in men, thanks to studies of families in which some people are straight and some people are gay.

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Sexuality refers to how you feel and act in terms of sex. There are some related terms that may be confusing to understand. Gender identity is different from sexuality.

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But geneticists have had only a handful of underpowered studies to address a complex, fraught, and often stigmatized area of human behavior. Now, the largest-ever study of the genetics of sexual orientation has revealed four genetic variants strongly associated with what the researchers call nonheterosexual behavior. Some geneticists are hailing the findings as a cautious but significant step in understanding the role of genes in sexuality. Others question the wisdom of asking the question in the first place.

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All sexual acts are voluntary. A decision to marry is voluntary, just as a decision to engage in homosexual acts is voluntary. The ability to choose based on the outcome of a reasoned decision is what sets man above the level of nature.

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I n a recent Guardian articleSimon Copland argued that it is very unlikely people are born gay or presumably any other sexual orientation. Scientific evidence says otherwise. It points strongly to a biological origin for our sexualities.


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