Microsoft EDU – You’ve Got Questions, He’s Got Answers

Many times over the last year I’ve mentioned Mike Tholfsen from Microsoft and his many Microsoft Teams tutorial videos.
His YouTube channel is really the place to go for help with Microsoft Teams and OneNote questions. Next week he’s hosting a live AMA (ask me anything) session on his YouTube channel. 

At 5pm ET on January 20th
Mike Tholfsen is hosting an AMA session in which he’ll answer all kinds of questions about Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Immersive Reader, and any other Microsoft EDU products you have questions about. So if you’re a Microsoft EDU user, this is an event to add to your calendar. 
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  1. Sanja

    I have a question for MS Forms.
    I tried to make an Ecape Room in MS Forms, but it simply have no success.
    It does not stopping the wrong answers, just let go participant to go further.
    I tried it in both, Quizes and Pool.
    When I make it in Google Forms it’s so easy….
    Please help 🙂
    Sanja Janeš

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